All produce from the Demonstration Garden is shared with

The Good Samaritan Center Food Pantry.

The Demonstration Garden was formed in 2017 with seven small plots that comprised the original MSTFP garden. Volunteers from the entire region including Pagosa Springs, Bayfield, Durango, Mancos, Cortez, and Farmington helped clear the garden of overgrowth and weeds, and gave us a strong, beautiful foundation from which to begin.

The garden is now a showcase for intensive gardening ideas, succession planting, companion planting, season extension, and experiments using fertilizer and amendments.

In 2019, the Demonstration Garden was reduced to three plots to support the new Children's Garden Program. Thanks to smart planning, season extension and intensive gardening practices, we've been able to increase harvest totals from the years prior in a much smaller space. 

The demonstration plots are also used throughout the season for workshops and demonstrations. We notice many folks sitting under the pergola for meetings, a break from work, and to enjoy their lunch.

 2019 TOTAL DONATED: 264.72 pounds

2019 Harvest totals.jpg